Molly can help you bridge the gap between where you are now,

and where you want to be…

In Napoleon Hill’s classic, “Think and Grow Rich,” one of the key elements to great success is having an empowering support system. A team to rely on. A handful of people who believe in you, align with your mission and help you to realize your vision.

Having studied with masters, traveled the world and applied the great teachings to her own life, Molly Mandelberg is uniquely qualified to help launch you from where you are now, to the next level of your business. From a long line of teachers, writers and preachers, Molly has an unusual combination of spiritual/visionary and high tech/practical/business savvy. She is an artist, a globe trotter, a writer, a speaker, a facilitator and a leader.

Whether you are stuck in procrastination, confusion or things just aren’t moving fast enough for you toward your goals, having empowering, kickass support may be just what you need. From content and design through streamlined global delivery systems, Molly Mandelberg may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Clear, practical steps.  Polished, inspiring content.  Access to the people who are looking for what you have to offer them.  All of this with less stress, and more success.  Stop feeling bad about the little things, or overwhelmed with the big vision.  Get the help you need to boost you to the peak performance you know you are capable of.


“I’ve always been a bit phobic around technology. I knew I needed more of an on-line presence but kept putting it off because I couldn’t find the right person to work with. Molly helped me get more comfortable designing emails that look good and using the systems I had purchased. She’s on top of the trends in marketing and tech and I trust her advice. I like that she has a great creative mind and jumps in with ideas that can help my business reach more people. I see Molly as a go-getter and someone that wants to see me succeed.”

Patrice Perillo

The Career Transition Expert

“Molly’s command both of the English language and how it’s used in sales without being sales-y and how to craft different marketing pieces is extraordinary. She took my hum-drum copy and seemingly effortlessly reworded my stuff to sound infinitely better and more compelling.”

Dot Spaet

Engineer of the Human Body, Back Pain Specialist