When I contribute to my people,

The World Transforms…

Your light is your broadcast.


Your job is to turn that light all the way the f*** on

so your people can find you.

My job is to help you do that

with wild creativity and as much ease as possible.


Master the Magnetics of Marketing

Cultivate the energy  that allows your business to expand.

You are a being not a doing. 

Let’s systemize your creations for less doing down the road

and repattern the inner programming so your being can shine brighter now.

Magic Abounds! (But you already know that, don’t you?)

Is this you?


Are you spending your days serving others,

doing everything you can to change the world?


Do you ever feel like a lifetime of one-on-one clients

just won’t be enough of an impact for you?

Are you eager to lead workshops, groups programs or create new courses and offerings?


Is it time to reach more people and finally feel ‘set up’

to make a bigger difference in the world?



If you’re ready for business support that honors the depth of your magic…

You’re in the right place.



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Discover all the ways you can get support and thrive!

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Wild Hearts Rise Up Oracle Deck!

A 60 card deck full of inspiration and guidance to blast off with…

Each with a unique hand-drawn, hand-colored image…

A guidebook to describe the meaning of every card…

Written & Illustrated by Molly Mandelberg,

Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up


Get the book!

Wild Hearts Rise Up

by Molly Mandelberg

The Wild Woman’s Roadmap

to Conscious Leadership

From Inspiration to Activation

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Happy clients…

I’ve worked with marketers, guides and business coaches throughout the years in many facets of my life. When I found Molly she was the answer to everything I had been looking for in terms of business systems and practices. More importantly she has the magic to bridge the sacred, the unsaid, and give it a voice that has integrity, truth and is also practical. She knows how to motivate, hold you accountable to your greater truth, and inspire you all at the same time. In a word she’s magic. So if you’re looking for results, get yourself some Molly Magic. Best money I have ever invested!.”

Marita Esteva

Shaman and Founder of The Path of Ix

“I was able to create an entirely NEW coaching program I’ve been thinking about for years in less than 2 weeks!  Even better, thanks to the emails & sales page copy I worked on with Molly, I had people jump on the chance to sign-up.”

Lia Dunlap

Law of Attraction Master & Lifestyle Coach

“I’ve done more prospecting, and reaching out to prospective clients in the last three months of working with Molly, than the last three years. And it’s working!”

Ann Ranson

Business Strategist & Strengths Finder

“Before I started working with Molly, I was completely overwhelmed by the thought of having to use technology to build my business. I had no idea how to build a list and start running programs online. Working with Molly has made my life so much easier and my time more productive. She has taught me how to use technology that I didn’t think I would be able to learn.”

Whitney Gordon-Mead

The Freedom from Fibromyalgia Coach