On Fire & Friends

As the world leans into technology and away from face-to-face community, we have agreed to become islands and rocks. We’ve agreed to house our discomfort and pain on our own, more often than not.
I don’t believe that is serving anyone.

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Tall Poppy Syndrome

The trouble is, the more visible we are and the more success we have, the more naysayers, haters and critics will show up to stop us… What’s a badass visionary to do?!

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Coming Clean

Who are you blaming for the way things are and how long are you going to give that power away? Who might YOU be if you took that responsibility and power back? How much easier would it be to simply take action and change things if they were fully in your control and not tied to or determined by someone else?

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I’m a Rainbow Too

I had a wonderful, opening, rainbow-ey time at a Solsara gathering, recently. If you’ve never heard of Solsara, it’s a beautiful community that inspires its participants to explore the possibility of opening.  Opening as in unraveling, opening as in getting clear on...

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My Journey to Inner Space

Vipassana Meditation is a 2500 year old practice, originally taught by Gautama the Buddha, that allows one to experience Dhamma (pure enlightenment).

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